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The month of June will see my work 'Primary', re-edited for projection, screening at FeltDark.

Opening party with free merchandise is on the 8th and viewing is dusk til dawn Wednesday to Saturday.  Compton st Adelaide City.

Experience this work on the big screen....... It's something' else...!

Gone Solo...

‘Chasing my tail : Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence’,

is the first solo show since graduation from my BVA,   It continues the evolution in my investigation of performance and the use of the body as medium.

Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence is an intellectual thought exercise rather than a metaphysical dictum. It asks us to imagine if we were to return to the same point in time, place, position, indeed life repeatedly for all eternity, would we be buoyed by our choices and decision making that sees us in our current state?

These performance video works, presented in an installation form, explore this question inviting contemplation of the meaning we place in the repetition and endurance daily life demands.

The works are simple visual echolalia, perhaps easily garnered, but with perseverance each reiteration builds, like in life, a sense of anticipation that rises and then falls. It is at this point that the metaphor is found.

Tragic Heroes,   Multi channel projection ( still ), 2016

Tragic Heroes, Multi channel projection ( still ), 2016

Floating Goose Studios

271 Morphett St, Adelaide

Opening Friday the 8th of July

We're Getting The Band Back Together....

A Big thank you to the powers that be at Adelaide Central School of Art whom accepted my application for a sponsored place in the Objects and Invention Sculpture class run by Johnnie Dady and Roy Ananda.

CSA has shown a real commitment to aiding in the professional development of their graduates and this one is much appreciated....!


WILD GOOSE CHASE is the latest offering from Floating Goose Studios, an artist run initiative consisting of 16 emerging artists based in Carrington Street.

an experimental exhibition inspired by the popular children's game Chinese Whispers, WILD GOOSE CHASE operates as a metaphor for cumulative error.




I am thrilled to be joining Floating Goose Studios Inc, an artist run initiative based at 271 Morphett st, Adelaide. 

 We're a non-for-profit incorporated association with an active involvement in the Adelaide art scene. We’re a dedicated group that aims to provide opportunities that promote and support emerging artists.

Floating Goose Studios Inc. holds monthly exhibitions with openings on the first Friday of every month.

We look after our own....!